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Four members of your chapter (myself, Nancy Pugh, Ellen Purcell & Michael Keatts) attended the annual Chapter Leadership Institute in San Antonio in mid-July.  This is a 3 day conference with chapter leaders from all over the country.  Generally smaller in size, we have the opportunity to attend break-out sessions to learn how to run our chapters better, network with other people who have similar board positions, and be able to talk with "who's who" in ALA - current President Paula Barnes, Immediate Past President Paul Farnsworth, Incoming President Teresa Walker, Executive Director Oliver Yandle as well as other ALA staff members from Chicago who all work for our benefit. 

Exciting and positive change is evident.  Some of the things we learned that are coming down the pike:  a new and improved salary survey from ALA (going out the last week in July), continued strategic planning and implementation with the rebranding of ALA (we will know more early next year), a new and improved website (spring 2015) and there are hints that ALA will begin to offer memberships on a sliding cost scale for firms that have multiple members in the association. 

Some initiatives we have coming down the pike here locally:  a member survey and 2015 planning.  We also have a Prospective Business Partner Meet & Greet in the fall.  If you have a vendor who you like and think would benefit from our partnership, please send contact information to Michael Keatts at  From a social aspect, we hope to have an evening performance of The Color Purple at the November Theatre on Aug 7 brought to us by our Platinum Sponsor Commonwealth Computer Training, and a Squirrels Game night on Aug 21 sponsored by Bronze Business Partner Cobb Technologies. 

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming events, or at a future meeting!  Please refer to the website for all the most up-to-date information on what we've got in store for you.

Jill Shugart, President Richmond ALA


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